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Here is a particularly effective recipe for a gentle internal cleanse:

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Cleansing and detoxifying the body is a great way to help the body defend itself against the negatives of modern living. And coming out of the winter from all those extra carbohydrates presents the perfect time to spring clean your system as you ease your way into a lighter diet of naturally cleansing fruit and vegetables.

Here is a particularly effective recipe for a gentle internal cleanse:
Blend in a glass of water 1 teaspoon of White Argyle Clay (Organic) and 1 tablespoon of Rose Floral Water (Organic). Drink this pleasant blend each morning on an empty stomach, for 10 days.
Enjoy the sensation of spring’s arrival from the inside out.
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Can Omega-3s Speed Up Your Teen’s Information Processing?

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Every parent wants their child to do their best in school, and findings suggest upping their omega-3 intake could help them do just that. The findings, published in the journal Nutrients, suggest that adolescents with a higher Omega-3 Index (the amount of omega-3 fats relative to total fat in red blood cells) may process information faster. READ MORE


Source: Sandersons.

Echinacea – the tingle on your tongue.

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Echinacea species, commonly known as Purple Coneflower, have a long history of medicinal use. It originates from North America and possesses a unique immune stimulating action that has been proven in clinical trials to support non-specific cellular immunity.
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The alkylamides/alkamides are regarded as having the most important immunostimulant activity. Alkylamides are absorbed from the digestive tract and produce the ‘tongue tingling’ sensation. The intensity of ‘tingle’ you get on your tongue, after taking liquid Echinacea, is a crude indicator of the level of actives in the extract used in our Kiwiherb Echinacea containing products.
Which Plant Part is Best?
Echinacea root has the highest concentration of alkylamides and is the part of the plant which was traditionally used by North American Indians and early eclectic physicians. There is also evidence of a higher risk of allergic reactions from preparations made from the aerial parts of the plant (flower, leaves & stems).

Get Results – naturally.

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Naturally Healthy has a strong point of difference.
Having many products and remedies that are clinically tested.
MitoQ* is one of these.
Have a look at the NZ herald article link.
Frans and I take it every day and really notice the results.
We have choice of the whole range of MitoQ Supplements and information in-store at Naturally Healthy.
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Cooler mornings – Look after that scratchy throat Naturally!

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Cooler mornings – Look after that scratchy throat Naturally!
Honey and Propolis. Elderberry. Myrrh and peppermint and so many more choices of your favourite natural lozenges* at Naturally Healthy.
Winter Necessities on Best Buys and winter support for the whole family.
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7 symptoms of B12 deficiency.

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An interesting article.

Although we live in a world where food is easily accessible, vitamin deficiency is still a very common issue.  Most experts blame the changes in the soil for the prevalence of nutrient deficiencies, but the truth is that there are many reasons why in a country where people eat a lot but still lack certain nutrients.

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