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Sheryl Murray is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist & Counsellor, who has been running a successful clinic in New Plymouth for the last 6 years.  She has recently moved back to Hamilton and is now enjoying working with clients here at Naturally Healthy.

Hypnotherapy and counselling have been a passion of Sheryl’s for years – and she enjoys working with clients of all ages, and walks of life.  Hypnosis, combined with counselling, helps her clients to bring about a change in the way they think, act or feel – and to stop any unwanted habits!  Sheryl promotes an all-encompassing approach to hypnotherapy and works with stress relief and inner confidence to help bring about a calmer, clearer thinking mind – and to improve self-belief, positivity and motivation – and ultimately teaches self-hypnosis and self-talk for future mind-maintenance!

Hypnotherapy helps with many problem areas: –  drinking; anxieties; depression; lack of confidence; sleep disorders; fears & phobias; sports performance; exercise motivation; letting go past hurt; pain relief; hypnobirthing/calm birthing; relationship problems; unwanted habits; sexual problems; weight-loss; and much more!

Below are just some of the programme’s Sheryl offers in her Hypnosisworx clinics.  All programmes include learning Mind Relaxation – a great tool to achieve a calm, clear thinking mind); Core Confidence (great for having a positive outlook and motivation to achieve your goal); and Self Hypnosis (to maintain the great changes you will make!)

Virtual Gastric Band Weight-Loss – 6 sessions. Learn to eat smaller meals, 3 times a day – and be satisfied doing so!  This programme also covers motivation to exercise and dealing with your problem cravings! No dieting and no restrictions on food – just a safe and easy approach to becoming slimmer!

 Stop Smoking with Confidence – Learn to manage stress and feel good about yourself, without feeling the need to smoke!  This 3 session programme will help you to become Smoke Free with Confidence!

Reduce Alcohol – Learn to cut down your alcohol intake, but still enjoy drinking when you want to, with this easy to follow 5 session programme.  You will be happier having a few alcohol-free nights each week, and drinking less on the days you choose!

Beat Sugar Addiction

Addicted to sweet things, and how they make you feel?  Learn to control that sugar intake so your body becomes healthier and less dependent upon those bad carbs in this 5 session programme.  Great for anyone with diabetes.

 Nutritious Eating

A perfect accompaniment to the Virtual Gastric Band programme – or for those who have hit a plateau in their weight loss journey. In this 5 session programme you will learn to choose nutritious, healthy foods – and feel good about doing so!

 Calm Childbirth / Hypnobirthing

Achieve a calm birthing experience by remaining relaxed and tension-free during labour!  But more importantly, learn to be confident throughout your pregnancy, and after the birth! 5 sessions includes:- stress relief; inner confidence; birth preparation; self-hypnosis and follow up after your baby is born!

To book a hypnotherapy session call Sheryl directly on 027-255 8842.

 If you simply want to find out more about hypnotherapy, or discuss your  problem, call Sheryl for a no-obligation, confidential chat.

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