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Leanne Koorey – Flower Essence Practitioner

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Talk to me about what might be holding you back.  Let me make a blend of flower essences to help you move through that.

Flower Essences are usually taken in oral form and are used to help with emotional wellbeing, soul development and mind-body health

The essences can be used for short term immediate assistance or for repatterning and addressing your deepest feelings or beliefs and also moving toward future goals.

Some specific examples of flower essence uses:

Focus/Motivation                                           Communication

Sleep/Relaxation                                            Self Esteem/Self Acceptance

Grief                                                                  Anxiety

Hormonal Issues                                             Negativity

Balance                                                             Abuse/Abandonment


1 hour consultation                                        $70.00

½ hour follow up                                            $35.00

Your personal Flower essence therapist with 5 years experience

Specialising in consultations using Bach and Flower essence Society essences

Leanne has been in the natural therapies industry for almost 20 years now and for many of those years has used flower essences in her family with the move to prescribing them for clients more recently.

Leanne would love the opportunity to work with you to give your family tools to help with those emotional ups and downs.

Bookings available from January 29th 2015

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