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GROWN ALCHEMIST Skin care is on Special.
We have no supplier in NZ for this Australian range anymore. frown emoticon
while stocks last!
(watch this space for new NZ skincare to replace GROWN )
Naturally Healthy.Health Stores and Clinics
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Naturally Healthy
Naturally Healthy


Naturally Healthy Therapists

At our Naturally Healthy Stores and Clinics I have the good fortune to work beside amazing therapists.
My husband Frans – homeopath/physiotherapist.Naturally Healthy Hamilton New Zealand
But also Karan Craigie – massage therapist
Jill masters – hypnotherpist
Leanne Koorey – flower essences therapist
Chrissie Shirley – Access bars facilitator
and Nikola Young – Naturopath.
Read about who they are and what they do on our website 

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Naturally Healthy.Health Stores and Clinics

106 London Str Hamilton CBD

Free customer parking

open 8.00 am – 6.00 pm

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GET RESULTS with your health through Diet

Frustrated with your symptoms?
Trying to get results with diet/food and not quite getting the results hoped for?
It may be that the diet and/or supplement you are taking is not the correct one for your condition.
Find out what foods your body needs you to abstain from and so much more.
Get tested at Naturally Healthy 106 London str Hamilton.
You will know the information with in 15 minutes.
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No booking needed.

Each statement is a record of the personal environmental influences which could be
impacting a person as seen through the information from their sine wave signature
emissions at the time the hair was scanned. It covers the following categories and items.
 Vitamins x 16 most common
 Minerals x 16 most common
 Essential Fatty Acids x 3
 Antioxidant x 13 groups
 Amino Acids x 23
 Toxins – Chemicals, Radiation, Toxic Metals
 Microbiology – Bacteria, Fungus, Moulds/Spores, Parasites, Virus
 EMF & ELF x 14 major categories
 Foods and food additives – those foods and additives to avoid
The 9 assessed categories are ranked according to their overall status within the group.
The aggregated scores present a picture of which categories are possibly having the highest
impact and these are marked as ‘priorities’ and below these we have the secondary
categories marked ‘advisory’. This provides some depth to the information which helps
users to focus on supporting the cells in the most productive way.
Within each category that highlighted, we number the items according to their priority rank,
again making it easier to see where to start with nutritional protocols.
The summary page captures all of this information in one easy-to-read table, listed in
priority order with suggested actions.
Try the 90-day Protocol
It is also important to follow a 90-day food avoidance and nutritional program before rescanning
hair samples. Although the wave information is extremely dynamic, the physical
impact of the changes made to diet and nutrition will take longer to evolve. The body has to
produce proteins, which have to produce cells, which have to repair tissues and systems,
which finally have a physical effect on the entire body. The optimum time for these
metabolic processes is 90-days, which is why we suggest this protocol.
Using Environmental Statements
Using the Environmental Statements reduces some of
the guess work out of the nutritional supply process.
Many ranges have extensive product selection,
covering a huge array of nutrients and wellness
areas. Most of these have some possible benefit to
the user but wouldn’t you rather know which of
these has the highest probability of influence?
One statement, every 90-days, gives you all the
information that you need to guide your customers
to the best purchases for them at that time. Helping
to create the optimum nutritional environment for
each person will allow their genes to express in a
positive way, to correct imbalances and cell weakness

cell-wellbeing-lnaturally Healthy
before they become physical illnesses.
For health professionals, the statements provide a fast
and affective way to get an overview of many
underlying issues all in one place. Although not
considered a physical diagnosis, the information
indicates the areas of highest probability for attention
or other exploratory tests and screens.

When conventional treatments are not working or other pathologies do not seem to fit with
the symptoms or history of the person, you may find a wider scope of information helpful.
The body may be concealing toxins or microbiological impacts; giving false-negative blood
readings or just not responding. All of these could be useful opportunities to assess the
information environment for signs of weakness or imbalance.

UP Date on Wheatgrass v Grey Hair.

On January 16th I posted an article about grey hair and Wheatgrass.
It seems that the wheatgrass could change grey back to your colour.
I have used wheatgrass for 3 weeks now @ 4 caps a day.
Every one who knows me would acknowledge – that my hair colour (that was mousy a while back) is getting darker and darker.

Monica van de Weerd - practitioner. Owner. naturally Healthy
Monica van de Weerd – practitioner. Owner. naturally Health


Looking really good.
And should be getting lighter with all the sunshine I am getting walking and playing with my grandson outside 4x a week.
The grey I have has not disappeared as yet – Keep you posted.
If you like what you are reading or have anything to add –
don’t be shy.
or contact me personally
[email protected]
Naturally Healthy.Health Stores and Clinics
106 London Str Hamilton CBD
Free customer parking
open 8.00 am – 6.00 pm
or shop at
419 Grey Str Hamilton East
Open 9.00 am – 5.00 pm