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Adrenal Health

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Just about to drink a cup of coffee or onto the second? Relying on caffeine to get you through the day can mean that your adrenals are getting less effective at managing your adrenal stress hormones. Check out some coffee alternatives in this week’s blog and get that energy pumping. Read More
– article thanks to GOOD HEALTH NZ.

Clear skin, it’s as simple as 1 2 3!

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1.) CLEANSE – Clean our your pores with a gentle cleanser, helping to get rid of excess sebum and oil.
2.) TONE – Toning removes any excess cleanser and helps to prepare your skin to be moisturised.
3.) MOISTURISE – Moisturise your skin to help lock in hydration, which will keep your skin feeling well balanced and will help to stop your skin from drying out.

The most important health concept…

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Did you know your gastrointestinal tract, which begins at your mouth and ends at your anus, is your gateway to health or disease? This system, which is an amazing 8.22m long, is your fueling station as well as your waste-management system. I’m sure you’ve heard many stories about the importance of bowel cleansers to detoxify your colon and that fibre is an important preventative to the ravages of colon cancer. But, unfortunately few people have been properly informed of the overwhelming scientific evidence supporting the importance of beneficial bacteria to human health and longevity.

What causes acne –

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Despite there being over 600 million acne sufferers around the globe the cause of acne hasn’t been narrowed down to any one simple thing.  Frustrating isn’t it!! But it’s not from lack of trying and the scientific community continue to work on understanding and finding new ways to treat acne.
Here’s what’s known at present:

The Causes of Acne

  1. Acne is partly linked to Genetics. Sorry guys but if your Mum, Dad or sibling suffered from acne then you’re more likely to face problems at some point
  2. Bacteria. The p. acnes bacteria species is commonly associated with causing the inflammatory acne.  It’s not a simple relationship because both acne sufferers and our clear skinned counterparts all have p. acnes on our skin!
  3. Clogged pores.  Everybody sheds skin cells and grows new skin but for some of us the old skin cells don’t always flake away nicely but hang around and cause pores to get blocked.  The skin’s oily secretions (sebum) and some bacteria can be trapped in these blocked pores.
  4. Sebum.  Again, the skin is supposed to produce this oily secretion but the more it makes the more chance there is of it getting trapped in pores and promoting bacterial inflammation.
  5. Hormones.  These biochemicals are essential for growth and development but the surge of sex hormones at puberty can cause an increase in sebum production and growth of skin cells.  For women, your monthly hormonal cycle can cause cyclic breakouts and pregnancy hormones can also cause issues. Don’t forget to hug your girlfriend! Stress hormones can have similar effects. Again hugs are recommended!
  6. High Glycaemic Index foods. More evidence is accumulating to suggest that the insulin response to high glycaemic index foods may lead to increased sebum production.
  7. Dairy foods. The link between these and acne is less clear.  Standard dairy foods contain lactose which makes them a fairly high glycaemic index food.  Dairy foods also contain IgF (insulin-like growth factor) which is thought to stimulate sebum production also.

How Acne Treatments Work

Most of the treatments currently available really only target one of these causes. Because each of us is a genetic individual we all respond slightly differently to available treatments and not everyone will get the same results from every treatment option.

Dietary changes can help control sebum production and healthy cell growth. Unprocessed foods, fruits and vegetables are your friends!

Topical therapies usually target either reduction of bacteria or exfoliating the skin.

Oral antibiotics reduce the inflammation caused by bacteria.

Oral contraceptives or anti-androgen treatments keep hormones in check to reduce sebum output and skin cell turnover.

Isotretinoin shrinks sebum producing glands thereby reducing sebum output.  It is also thought to have action on skin cell turnover and reduce inflammation.

A treatment system such as EPIOLOGY can target more than one of the causal mechanisms giving the best chance for topical therapy success.  EPIOLOGY is also a good complementary treatment alongside the more powerful prescription products as it counteracts their drying, irritating effects to keep skin moisturised and soothed.

Protect your body from winter bugs –

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If you are dealing with coughs and colds already, skip
the nasty petrochemicals in over the counter
rubs and make your own 100% natural essential oil
vapour rub. Here’s how:

Absolute Essential Winter Rub
Please note: This is designed for adults & children 5 years + . If you need a remedy for a younger child please use our organic  Chest Care Cream.

What You Need:

The consistency of your rub will depend on the amount of beeswax you use.
2 teaspoons of beeswax will give you a consistency that is slightly more solid than the usual vapour rub.

If you don’t have Breathe Easy on hand not to worry – you can use these oils instead:


  1. Use a small pan.
  2. Heat the coconut oil and bees wax on a low heat until it’s all melted in together
  3. Remove from heat and when cooling add in your essential oils
  4. Stir
  5. Let your mixture sit and cool slightly more
  6. Transfer it to a small brown glass jar
  7. Once it becomes solid, you are ready to use it. It’s that simple.

You can apply the rub to your chest, back, feet, and right under your nose. Start with a small amount on your finger and add more if needed. When applying on children try putting it on their feet and cover it up with socks to ensure they don’t accidentally get any in their eyes.

Traditional Remedy for Asthma, Bronchitis, Cough & Lung Diseases

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Many people have various problems with the lungs, among which the most common are asthma, bronchitis and various types of cough. Lung problems can be caused by various infections, allergies and, of course, smoking.
Ingredients needed:
– 1.1 lbs / ½ kg red onions
– 1.1 lbs / ½ kg brown sugar
– 2 lemons
– 6 cups / 1.5 l water
– 7 tablespoons of organic honey
Place the brown sugar in a metal bowl, place the bowl on medium fire and slowly heat it while constantly stirring. Cook until the sugar darkens. Add the previously chopped onion, fry it briefly and add the water afterwards. Cook the mixture so the water moderately evaporates until there is 1/3 left of it. Then allow the mixture to slightly cool. After it cools, add the juice from both lemons and honey and mix everything well. Allow the mixture to stand still before you strain it from the onion slices. Transfer the resulting remedy in a glass bottle.
Way of consuming:
You will have to consume one tablespoon of the remedy before each meal until you spent the entire amount. If necessary, prepare a new mixture and repeat the entire procedure until you get better and improve your health –
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