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About Us – the Team.

Hetal Thanki

I have worked at Naturally Healthy since 2006.

I love how I learn new things every day: it is like working with family. My daughter Kajol, who is studying, even works here part time. Through working at Naturally Healthy I keep my family healthy and the work environment is wonderful. Frans and Monica work so hard to keep our work place stress free and happy. We have wonderful customers and I have no Monday morning Blues !!! Love coming to Naturally Healthy :D.

Naturally Healthy

Sashi Prasad

I have worked at Naturally Healthy since 2004

I simply love the people I work beside – they are my family. Every day is different, I am always learning and interact with such a varied group of people. We all work hard and are recognized for doing so. It is a pleasure to work for Monica and Frans and I enjoy coming to work everyday. I love my customers and respect them all – it’s my home away from home.


Pradeep Nelakuditi

I started working here March 2017.

This is the place – exactly what I was looking for. Very lovely people, bosses are very lovely, caring and supportive. I am really enjoying each and every minute at work. Staff is so fab, very friendly and informative. Every day is a new day to learn something about life, and health information. Our work place is amazing and very professional. It’s a good opportunity to meet good people  in  and around Hamilton. Getting trained by Rachel is really wonderful- she is like a knowledge base. Finally what I would like to say is ” Monica and Frans are one of the most down to earth and wonderful couples I have met”

Naturally Healthy

Rachel Wheeler

I have worked for Frans and Monica since 2002.

I love everyone here – feels more like family than work colleagues. Never a dull moment. Going to miss everyone when I am on maternity leave – starting July 19th 2017 –

Love coming to work every day – always something different.

I have come so far – from being a ‘retail hat’ staff to a more admin role – though i love still doing retail whenever I am needed.

I now have a baby girl named Chloe and am away on maternity leave.

Naturally Healthy


Shawn Benson

Hi there!

Shawn Benson- van de Weerd here.

Been at Naturally Healthy for a while now.

Love working at Naturally Healthy, the shop has such a wonderful, healing vibe.

The products from supplements to skin care are professionally chosen, and are the best for you and your family.

Also you have choices, which is so nice.

End of the day, we are here to give you the best professional care, help and advice.

The Staff are truly wonderful, and are my second family. Each and everyone of us know our stuff, and we keep learning to make sure we know it and are well informed for you.

Frans and Monica (Not only my amazing parents) But together have made this amazing Store and Clinic.

Frans is your number one Health professional.

Physio, Homeopathy to Herbs and supplements.

I have seen him heal so many clients, truly a remarkable man.

Monica keeps this business a float.

The way the shop is and the products on the shelf are from her.

And if you need help with any products she also knows her info.

Monica is such a hard working, committed wonderful lady. Who I look up too and admire so much.

So, Naturally Healthy is a family run, natural health store.

We are passionate about our products, and want what’s best for you – our customer and clients.

Whether it be a flu/cold, a body part sore or just looking to spoil yourself, a friend or family member with a beautiful soaps, makeup, or a stunning salt lamp, we have it !

And as my mother says

‘From our family, to your family’

Cheers to Natural Health and my amazing family


Naturally Healthy

Frans van de Weerd

In 1981 I qualified as a Health Practitioner with a BA in Physiotherapy in the Netherlands.
In 1993 I qualified as a Classical Homeopath in New Zealand. This allowed me to complement my treatments as well as that I am able to support a wider variety of health complaints.
Since then I qualified as a CranioSacral Therapist (Upledger Institute from the USA) and Bowen Technique (Australia).
I also keep improving my knowledge through ongoing further education within the different modalities I use in my treatments.
Together with Monica I own Naturally Healthy in Hamilton, New Zealand. Naturally Healthy is a concept of retail of Natural Health Products and my clinic as well visiting practitioners with a variety of skills related with Natural Health.

As a Health Professional I follow a few simple principles:

Our body is an incredible and powerful organism with an inbuilt will to stay healthy and strong.
In my treatments I do not use strong force; all it takes are gentle supporting and stimulating techniques to guide the body back in balance and health.

The symptoms of any discomfort you feel are simply signals that your body is struggling to maintain that state of health.
This means that it is about finding and dealing with the root of the problem and not just working on the discomfort itself.

As individuals, with our own personal life, we all develop our own specific complaints and need a treatment specific for the person.
We are as healthy as our environment we live and work in. If symptoms persist, an assessment of this environment needs to take place to identify the cause of the problem.

I do not treat the illness or discomfort, but the person with the illness or discomfort.
The treatment of the illness or discomfort is focused on the person with the symptoms.

Frans van de Weerd

Monica van de Weerd

Having been brought up on holistic wholefoods and homeopathy I soon turned this lifestyle into my studies of Aromatherapy and natural skin care.

My passion  of healthy living was heightened when I married Frans.

Frans is a qualified natural therapist, and together we opened Naturally Healthy so we could share all of our knowledge in natural health. So that individuals and families can have the best of health.

With the largest selection of NZ based Herbal Ranges, Homoepathy and Nutrition we can really offer our customers the best of health.

Best Prices and result driven products are what I am passionate about and with tastings instore – we can really make choice easy.

Frans and I have two daughters and two grandchildren

Naturally Healthy opened in Hamilton in 1994.

Naturally Healthy