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Any woman over 40 should be using this essential oil every day – Clary sage Oil.

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Just like any in other life stage, your 40s are also marked with certain psychological, emotional and physicalchanges.  The body gradually starts to show signs of aging, likehot flashes,reduced memory, increased stress, etc.

Since ages, clary sage oil has been used to relieve unpleasant symptoms which come with menopause. If digestion, stress, skin, mood, or your menstrual discomfort worries you, continue reading. This article is going to show you the 8 most amazing benefits of clary sage oil for women aged more than 40 and provides tips on how to use it.


Clary sage oil contains dietary estrogens, also known as natural phytoestrogens, obtained from plants.  They are responsiblefor regulating the estrogen levels and promoting health of the uterus.  With age the cancer risk increases, therefore keeping the uterus healthy will help lower the risk of ovarian and uterine cancer.

High estrogen levels in the body could cause different health issues, including infertility,polycystic ovaries, andestrogen-based cancers.  The high-estrogen diet is the major contributor to a lot of this, and this essential oil will help you keep your estrogen levels at optimal level.

According to a study from 2004 which was done on post-menopausal women, this oil works as natural remedy for depression, since it lowers the cortisol levels by up to 36%.

To balance your moodandyour hormones, you just need to open the bottle and inhale the clary sage. It’s that simple!


When the hormone levels are in balance, Clary sage helps alleviate the symptoms of PMS, reduce bloating, food cravings, cramps, andmood swings.  Since it’s an antispasmodic, clary sage effectively reduces the frequency of spasms and contractions which happen in the uterus.  It also relieves headacheandstomach pain, because of its ability to relax the nerve impulses.

According to an 8-year study,done by Oxford Brooks University, using clary sage oil in aromatherapy will help to reducefear, physical pain, and anxiety in women during childbirth.  If combined with chamomile oil, it effectively reduces discomfort as well.

To alleviate menstrual pain, you need to dilute 5 drops of clary sage in coconut or jojoba oil and apply that mixture on the affected area.


As it was found in astudy from2015, when applied topically,this essential oil effectively treats wounds and skin infections. Because of its potent antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, this oil shows powerful antistaphylococcal action against the bacterial strains.

However, you should not apply too much of it to open wounds.  The recommended dosage is around 5 drops.


Notwithstanding whether it`s your demanding job or the family issues that are causing it, stress is very commonin your forties. Clary sage oil improves confidenceandmental fortitude, while reducing anxiety and fear. In a study from 2010 was found that it can be used to combat depression, too.

To use clary sage oil in aromatherapy, you need to combine 6 drops with 2 drops of orange or frankincense oil.


Clary sage contains a potent ester called linalyl acetate, which is a natural phytochemical thatregulates the production of oil, reduces rashes, lowers inflammation, and prevents acne and dry skin.  In order to reduce wrinkles and keep your skin properly hydrated, you should use this oil as a skin moisturizer.

If you’re using it as skin moisturizer, you need to mix equal amounts of clary sage oil with jojoba or coconut oil.


Given that it increase the gastric juice and the secretion of bile, clary sage oil accelerates the metabolism and helps relieve indigestion, cramps, bloating, and abdominal discomfort.

This oil also promotes easier absorption of vitamin and minerals that in turn promotes healthy bowel movements, treats ulcers, andrelieves constipation.

Thanks to its strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, clary sage oil lowers the cholesterolandprotects the cardiovascular system.  This is very important assumed that high cholesterol restricts the blood flow to vital organs, thus raising the risk of heart attackorstroke.

It’s recommended to use a hot compress with 5 drops of clary sage oil soaked into it or to just simply massage the oil onto the abdomen.


By carrying more oxygen to the muscles and the critical organs, clary sage oil accelerates the metabolism. Moreover, it relaxes the arteriesand thebrain, which in turn lowers the blood pressure.

To make your own clary sage mist, you should combine 6 drops of clary sage oil, 6 drops of rose geranium oil, 12 drops of mandarin oil, and3 drops of cinnamon oil. Transfer the solution into some spray bottle, fill it with water, and spray on the body when you need it.


If it’s taken into consideration its hormone balancing, sedative and stress-relievingproperties, the fact that clary sage oil cures insomnia, helps the sleep, and improves the quality of your sleep doesn’t come like surprise.

To make your own clary sage balm, you should add10 drops of clary sage, 10 drops of lavender oil, half a cup of coconut oil, ¼ cup of beeswax, and half a cup of olive oil in a double boiler.  Stir everything well and transfer into containers after around10 minutes.

To sum up, clary sage oil provides many health benefits and it improves your overall health at several levels. Its benefits are attributed to its potent hormone-balancing, carminative, antiseptic, antidepressant, antispasmodic, digestive, astringent, antibacterial, nervine, euphoric, and sedative properties.

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