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Homeopathy in Childbirth

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Homeopathic remedies are becoming more and more popular to assist with labour and in support of the mother leading up to the birth. It seems that everyone has had their own experiences with Homeopathy and has their own thoughts on how to prescribe these remedies.

However I was flawed to see that there were 244.000 entries when I entered ‘Homeopathy in pregnancy and childbirth’ in the Google search engine.

From homeopathic birthing-kits to general advise how to administer these remedies.

Some are trying to follow the homeopathic principles of personalizing the remedies and the minimum dose (do not repeat the remedy if things are going well). Others have specific sequences and plans on how to administer specific remedies.

However to use these remedies properly one needs a good understanding of homeopathic principles and the remedies themselves.

Let me first explain Homeopathy a little more:

In Homeopathy disease is understood as an imbalance in the body’s self regulating mechanism. Symptoms are produced when the body can’t cope with whatever is happening physically, emotionally or mentally. The word ‘symptom’ actually comes from the Latin word for ‘signal’.

The symptoms the patient produces indicate the specific homeopathic remedy necessary to treat this person. These symptoms are used as an indicator for the best remedy to restore health by stimulating the body’s own resources (not by suppressing or masking these symptoms); this then leads to restoring healthy functioning of the person.

The challenge however is being able to thoroughly observe the client and find the appropriate remedy for that specific situation. This means that every person is treated as an individual with their own labour symptoms, rather than treating labor as a condition.

As you can see Homeopathy is based on supporting a natural process. This means that the remedies are only used if the client is showing symptoms that this natural process needs support.

If homeopathic remedies are prescribed, they are only given as often as the person needs them; this means that once a remedy is given and it works, the remedy is only repeated if the symptoms return or get worse again.

In other words, a homeopathic remedy is only given when symptoms occur, not to prevent symptoms from occurring. The reason for this is that the remedies activate the body’s self regulating mechanism they work instantaneously. This is very different from herbs and medication.

This also means that you do not build up before the birth with homeopathic remedies. This is contrary to the herbs are used from 44 or 45 weeks of pregnancy to strengthen the uterus. For this reason I suggest my clients to use these herbs prior to the birth and use the homeopathic remedies only if necessary to support the pregnancy and labor.

The other difference between herbs and Homeopathy is that because the homeopathic remedy stimulates the body’s self regulating mechanism the action of the remedy lasts as long as this mechanism can maintain this healthy balance. The action of an herb and a drug generally last as long as they stay in the body to do what it can in reducing the symptoms.

So as you can see Homeopathy works on a very different mechanism and this is why it has very different rules of administration.

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