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Kawa Pure – Nappy Rash, Cradle Cap and Baby Eczema

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Kawa Pure – Nappy Rash, Cradle Cap and Baby Eczema | Earth Energies NZ .

Kawa Pure – Nappy Rash, Cradle Cap and Baby Eczema

Solutions for Tiny Skins


Nothing can detract from the excitement and euphoria of a new addition to the household. Not the interrupted sleep, nor the endless routine of feeding at one end and cleaning up at the other. Babies are, without a doubt, little bringers of happiness and joy. One can’t help but smile in the presence of a new-born baby.

However, despite being so miniature in size, these wee human beings can bring with them a range of skin issues; some that just look funny – like cradle cap, but are relatively harmless, and others, such as nappy rash that can really linger and cause them a lot of discomfort.  When treating these conditions, it is important to look after the integrity of this precious new and developing skin. Remembering that whatever you put on your baby’s skin, will be absorbed into that tiny body.

What is cradle cap and what causes it?


Cradle cap is a form of seborrheic dermatitis (which pretty much means an over-production of oil from the skin) that is quite often seen in babies less than eight months old. It occurs due to a build-up of oil and dead skin cells and looks like a nasty case of dandruff – with thick, white or yellowish, scaly patches presenting on the baby’s head.  It may be the result of residual hormones in the baby from pregnancy that stimulate secretions from the scalps oil glands, however these secretions will decrease over weeks or months. Sometimes a family history of allergic type conditions can also predispose a baby to cradle cap.

 How to treat cradle cap


Often it is just a matter of gently cleaning the area with a natural soap or a mix of oatmeal and water to soften the dry scales, then brush lightly with a baby brush to slough off the loosened scales. We then recommend applying Earth Energies Kawa Pure, our newest product that we have developed with babies, children and people with super-sensitive skin in mind…more on that later.

What is nappy rash and what causes it?


The other common rash seen in the little folk is not so benign. Nappy rash is an extremely common condition that is characterised by red, irritated skin around the genitals, buttocks and sometimes legs and groin of babies. It occurs due to the regular dampness on the skin in these areas from urine and faeces. It is important to manage nappy rash, as if left unchecked it can develop into a bacterial infection or thrush. You will know this has happened if the nappy rash seems particularly persistent, or red or white blisters develop on your baby’s bum (not to mention the fact that your little one will be howling with discomfort). In this event, whisk them off to your health professional to get some specific creams to remedy the situation.


Some tips for managing nappy rash:


Change nappies regularly and allow as much time as possible for the baby to air its butt without a nappy on. This brings about delightful bouts of leg kicking and cooing too!

Avoid using harsh or highly scented soaps and scented baby wipes – use a warm cotton flannel if possible

If using cloth nappies – leave them in the sunshine as much as possible as this helps kill any bugs that may be lurking

Soothe baby’s bottom with Earth Energies gentle Kawa Pure.

Kawa Pure – what’s in it?


Earth Energies have combined kawakawa, apricot kernel oil, rosehip oil, chamomile essential oil, beeswax and a healing vibrational essence to sooth, heal and protect sensitive skins. Kawakawa has powerful antimicrobial properties that help keep bugs at bay, and also helps relieve inflammation and congestion in the skin tissue – a common feature of nappy rash.

The blend of apricot kernel oil and rosehip oils provides vitamin A to help with skin regeneration as well as oils and fatty acids to nourish and soothe. Beeswax is also a natural antimicrobial substance, and provides protective, regenerative and softening qualities, while the essential oil of chamomile is a promoter of skin cell regeneration.

The combined actions of actions of these beautiful, organic oils are beneficial for both cradle cap and nappy rash. Our vibrational kawakawa essence works on a subtle, energetic level to balance and settle your precious baby and their delicate skin.

Use Kawa Pure Gel on baby’s scalp after bathing or washing at least twice daily, and for the nether regions, apply after each nappy change to a clean area. 

Leisa Harford

Naturopath & Medical Herbalist
Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine)
Advanced Diploma in Herbal Medicine